Young Entrepreneurs

This Department oversees the activities of Young Entrepreneurs (YE), a movement that brings together affiliated entrepreneurs aged from 18 to 40.

The department supports national bodies in the governance of the movement (Presidency, Presidency Council, Central Council, and National Assembly). It coordinates the activities of the Secretaries of the local Young Entrepreneurs Groups and the Regional Committees. It contributes to the development of strategic guidelines and projects for the movement, managing their implementation alongside the technical departments of Confindustria.

The department also manages national events concerning engagement with institutions, society, and the business world, including the two major annual conferences in Rapallo and Capri, which focus on economic, labor, and social issues. Some of the main projects carried out are those related to startups, training, and generational transition.

Michela Fantini

Michela Fantini graduated in Institutional and Corporate Communication and holds a master's degree in International Business, which she obtained in London. She started her career at Confindustria in the Education, Training, and Research Area, focusing on schools and universities. She later joined SFC-Sistemi Formativi Confindustria as the head of managerial training for employees and entrepreneurs. In 2005, she joined the technical team of the Health Department of the Municipality of Bologna as Director of Communication and Health Prevention with the Healthy City Project. In 2007, she returned to SFC as the operational manager of the company. Currently, she is the Editor-in-chief of Quale Impresa magazine, the in-house organ of the Young Entrepreneurs Movement of Confindustria.
She has been at the helm of the Young Entrepreneurs Area since 2008.

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