Confindustria Delegation to the EU was established in Brussels in 1959, and is the oldest representation of Italian industry in Europe.

Its main aim is to represent and defend the interests of Italian industries to the European Institutions.

The Delegation not only represents Confindustria to the most important EU Institutions, but it also carries out an active lobbying activity with regards to the EU legislative acts and funds projects.

The activities of the Delegation are carried out in coordination with the headquarters of Confindustria in Rome.

The main activities of the Delegation are: monitoring the EU legislative and non legislative proposals, information activity regarding the update of various European policies, information activity throughout the website on the latest EU news of interest for the Italian industries.

Throughout its activities the Delegation supports the territorial branches of Confindustria and keeps them updated on the latest EU funds opportunity for the Italian industries.


Delegazione di Confindustria presso l’Unione europea

Avenue de la Joyeuse, Entrée 1 - 1040 Bruxelles

Tel: +32 (0)2 286 12 11 - Fax: +32.(0)2 230 27 20

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