Confindustria is the main association representing manufacturing and service companies in Italy, with a voluntary membership of more than 150,000 companies of all sizes, employing a total of 5,389,972 people.

The association's activities are aimed at guaranteeing the central importance of companies, the driver's of Italy's economic, social and civil development. By representing companies and their values at institutions of all levels, Confindustria contributes to social well-being and progress, and from this standpoint guarantees increasingly diversified, efficient and modern services.

Confindustria's added value stems from its network: a headquarters in Rome, 213 local and trade associations and since 1958 a delegation in Brussels, which has seen its strategic importance grow over the years and is now a benchmark for the entire Italian economic system at the European Union.

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Confindustria's strength lies in its human resources, a strategic asset in a context of rapid change that is oriented towards excellence and managerial expertise.

Professionalism, competence, capacity for initiative and propensity for change are characteristics of people who work for Confindustria.

The human resource development model is designed to provide managerial and specialised training opportunities aimed at expanding individual knowledge and skills in order to constantly improve the organisation.

Training courses include studying overseas and work experience at Italian and European Union institutions, as well as at local and trade associations belonging to the association network.

Paying attention to work-life balance has always been a top priority. Therefore, Confindustria staff may benefit from the Welfare Plan, which provides for work management policies and assistance to employees and their families in line with the latest corporate systems, including a healthcare policy and a non-professional accident policy, crèche and nursery school reimbursements, scholarships for children, paid leave for family reasons and "baby bonuses".

If you're interested in working for Confindustria, send your unsolicited application to: [email protected]





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