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Digital Policy and Supply Chains, Life Sciences and Research

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Digital Policy and Supply Chains, Life Sciences and Research

This Department oversees the national, European, and international issues related to the digital transformation of businesses, data economy development, supply chains, the enhancement of the health system and life sciences, as well as research and innovation.

It cooperates with institutions and other relevant public and private entities, supporting the association system through the Innovation and Life Sciences Network and the Digital Network.

It coordinates various projects to help raise awareness of the topics falling within its scope and to increase and improve the services offered to businesses.

This department includes the activities of the Giuseppina Mai Foundation, which supports and promotes the culture of scientific and technological research in businesses.

Luca Del Vecchio

Luca Del Vecchio graduated in Economics and Commerce from LUISS University. He joined Confindustria in 1989, dealing with economic issues, research and development, welfare, and healthcare. He has collaborated in several committees and bodies of the Ministry of Research, the EU Commission - DG XII and DG XIII, UNI, and CRUI (Conference of Rectors). From 2007 to 2009, he served as an expert for the Minister of Health in the regulation of supplementary healthcare funds.
He has been a board member of Fondo Pensione Marco Polo and Previndustria SpA, and currently serves as a board member of Selda Informatica. He is a member of the Assembly of Enasarco and Previndai.
He is the Vice President of FASI and the General Director of I.W.S. SpA (Industria Welfare Salute SpA).
He has been at the helm of the Digital and Value chains policies, Life Sciences and Research Area since 2021.

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