Advisor Board

Walter Renna

CEO, Fastweb

Renna is responsible for leading the company with the goal of strengthening its positioning and growth through the development of increasingly high-performance and sustainable products and services, focusing on infrastructure control and the development of innovative platforms for the digital transformation of families, businesses, and public administration, by leveraging Cloud technology, 5G, Cyber Security, and increasing integration with Artificial Intelligence.

As Chief Product Officer of Fastweb since December 2020, Renna has also held the role of Chief Operating Officer in previous years, responsible for long-term business sustainability and growth, as well as operational efficiency improvement. Renna joined the company in 2008 with responsibilities in strategies, business plan and M&A where he contributed to strategic projects as the expansion of the fibre access network. Born in 1982, after graduating in Economy at the University of Bologna and getting a Master degree at Bocconi University, Renna developed his career in KPMG advisory and M&A for Fashion, Luxury, Publishing and Automotive for leading companies.

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