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Pietro Labriola

Chief Executive Officer and General Manager, TIM Group

Pietro Labriola is the Chief Executive Officer and General Manager of TIM, the latter position already assumed since November 26, 2021.

He is a member of the board of GSMA, the organisation that unites mobile network operators worldwide, and a member of the General Council of Confindustria. In March 2023, he was awarded the Ordem do Rio Branco, an honour bestowed by the Brazilian government's Ministry of Foreign Affairs for TIM’s important role in strengthening ties between the two nations. In September 2023 he also received the Best CEO-Small&Mid Cap award from Institutional Investor.

In Brazil he headed, from 2015, TIM as Chief Operating Officer and then, from 2019, as Chief Executive Officer leading the growth by consolidating the development path with the acquisition of Oi and the 5G licenses, giving a decisive contribution to the digital development of one of the most vital countries.

In the TIM Group since 2001, he held increasingly senior roles in the field of Marketing for the corporate and consumer segments of fixed and mobile telephony services. In 2006, furthermore, he was appointed Managing Director at Matrix and in 2013 he assumed the responsibility of the Business Transformation office. Before joining the TIM Group, since 1996 Labriola worked in Infostrada, at first as Head of Business Development and then as Marketing Director, and previously held positions in Boston Consulting Group, Cable & Wireless and France Telecom.

Pietro Labriola has a degree in Economics and Commerce from the University of Bari and a Master in Management of Innovation and Technologies from Tecnopolis, Scientific and Technological Park of Bari.

In  September 2023 he received the Best CEO-Small&Mid Cap award from Institutional Investor and in December 2023 he received the Rio Leaders Award, the main recognition awarded by Lide, the Brazilian association that brings together entrepreneurs and managers in the South American country.

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