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Membership and Internal Affairs

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Membership and Internal Affairs

This Department monitors and ensures the proper functioning of associative life in accordance with internal regulations.

It provides advice and support for the drafting of associative bylaws, verifies compliance with the adopted rules, and issues interpretative and applicative guidelines and opinions.

It promotes and facilitates aggregation among associations and the streamlining of representation.

It supervises the procedures for the renewal of confederal bodies and ensures their secretariat is in office.

It oversees the resolution of organizational disputes, manages the Business Registry, and certifies membership in the system.

It develops policies regarding relations with the chamber system.

It certifies the representativeness of the confederal system and supports the recognition of representations in external forums.

It promotes the candidacy of the confederal system for the granting of honors.

Federico Landi

He graduated in Law in 1984 from the "La Sapienza" University of Rome, and in 1986 he was hired by Confindustria in the Department of Trade Union Relations. That same year, he specialized in labor law at the University of Naples "Federico II," and in 1989, he obtained the professional qualification to practice law.
In 1990, he moved to the Internal Relations Department, dealing with statutory organizational issues, and in 2002, he became the head of the Organization Unit.
In 2005, he was appointed Secretary of the Board, now General Council, a position consistently renewed biennially.
In 2009, he took on the position of Deputy Director of the Organization and Associative Development Area, as well as Secretary of the Board of Directors and the Confederation's Arbitrators. These positions are still held together with the role of Secretary of the Presidency Council.
Since 2012, he has been at the helm of the Associative System Area and the Secretariat of the Organizational Bodies.

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