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Environment, Energy and Mobility Policy

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Environment, Energy and Mobility Policy

This Department addresses issues related to all areas of the ecological and energy transition, promoting the Italian industrial system’s competitiveness and security. .

Activities focus on environment and energy for an efficient development of markets and an industrial structure compatible with sustainability goals, including decarbonization, circular economy, pollution control, and corporate social responsibility.

The department also deals with the mobility of people and goods, so as to create favorable conditions for competitiveness, adopting a strategic approach to transportation, logistics, and infrastructure.

It also oversees the issue of public procurement and contracts, with a focus on stimulating competition and investments, including to support innovation.

Furthermore, it drafts legislative proposals, studies, analyses and scientific dossiers for each of its competence clusters.

Marco Ravazzolo

Marco Ravazzolo began his professional career at the Legislative Office of ERG Petroli S.P.A, then moved to the Legislative Office of Confindustria, where he dealt with administrative law related to economic activities. In 2012, he took on the role of Coordinator for Environmental Policies in the Industrial Policies Area of Confindustria, dealing with industrial emissions, climate change, circular economy, land reclamation, environmental crimes, pollution prevention, hydrogeological instability, soil protection, and environmental permits. During the XVII Legislature, he joined the Ministry of the Environment as Legal Advisor to the Minister. In 2021, he took on the role of Head of Energy and Environmental Policies in the industrial policies area.
He has been at the helm of the Environment, Energy, and Mobility Policies Area since 2023.

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