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Finance and Procurement Office

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Finance and Procurement Office

This Department manages all the administrative processes of the organization and oversees those of affiliated companies and entities.

It ensures the proper functioning and oversight of administrative and managerial processes, verifying that activities comply with current regulations and the organization's established procedures.

The department is responsible for preparing budget estimates and financial statements, interim reports, as well as periodically monitoring the activities of each entity. It ensures an appropriate financial flow by aptly allocating economic resources.

Furthermore, it manages and supervises corporate affairs and procurement activities for Confindustria and its affiliated entities.

Francesca Di Girolamo

Francesca Di Girolamo graduated in Economics and Commerce, specializing in Administration and Control, from Luiss "Guido Carli" University in 1997. She began her professional career at Kpmg SpA, a firm specializing in auditing and accounting organization.
She joined Confindustria in 2000, holding various administrative offices until she was appointed Vice Director of the Human Resources and Corporate Services Area in 2010. She currently serves as Chair of the Board of Directors of Selda Informatica SCaRL, a company owned by Fasi and Previndai. She is a member of the Board of Directors of I.W.S. (Industria Welfare Salute SpA), Confindustria Servizi SpA, Fondimpresa, Previndustria SpA, S.I.I. SA, and Fondazione Fabbrica Solidale Onlus. Additionally, she is the Delegate Councilor at 4.Manager and represents Confindustria in the Enasarco Assembly.
She has been at the helm of the Administration, Finance, and Control Area since 2018.

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