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The main goal of Confindustria is to provide member associations and companies with the necessary tools of connection and lobbying towards the European institutions. Primary missions are representation, monitoring, assistance and follow-up on all European policy and regulatory issues which have an impact on companies and businesses.

This effort is assisted by liaising closely with BusinessEurope – an alliance of the major business federations of Europe – of which Confindustria is a member. Other important activities are carried out at a bilateral level with the various EU industry organizations, by identifying common priorities in the EU economic agenda and by supporting companies in establishing strategic alliances with European partners.

Over recent years, Confindustria has carried out significant action on competitiveness in the sphere of Italian and European industry and to encourage the enlargement of the Union. Moreover an important commitment for Confindustria within BusinessEurope is represented by initiatives for strengthening links with entrepreneurial associations of non-EU Mediterranean countries.

A European Affairs Directorate, located at our Rome Headquarters, deals with coordination and reporting to the Director-General and the President on major European discussion items, so that the positions taken by Confindustria on all relevant issues are timely and regularly addressed to the Italian Government as well as to all major institutional players.

Moreover, action is taken on issues regarding EU integration and trade policies. Within this framework, Confindustria deals with bilateral relationships with EU partner organizations, provides backstopping and first-line assistance on EU dossiers, associations and federations. The work also covers other EU trade issues, including infringements of industrial and intellectual property rights, counterfeiting, fraud, piracy, WTO and multilateral agreements.

Our office in Brussels hosts the permanent representation for Confindustria in BusinessEurope, and acts as an early warning post, guaranteeing communication between Confindustria and the EU through regular meetings with Commissioners, Commission officials, MEPs and a number of actors from institutions and the industry sector. Here training and information activities take place, aimed at the integration of territorial and sector components into the wide framework of the EU.