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The Association Network

Local Associations (71) represent the industries located in the various Italian provinces.
They guarantee relationships with the local authorities and the other economic and social players in the area. They provide services to local enterprises, responding to their needs.
The regional Confindustria Associations (13) interface with the Regional Governments.
The sectorial Associations (87) unite industries by economic activity, providing representation and services at both national and European levels.

In the Italian productive system, characterized by a large number of small companies, networking among enterprises is highly important, having the aim to centralize requirements affecting certain key production factors and thus to arrive at major savings. In this context, Confindustria has supported the development of the well-known Italian Productive District system and the creation of consortia for credit, export and energy.

The organization is flexible. Through the widespread and efficient use of new technologies, the Association Network guarantees a rapid flow of information and the capacity to ensure close coordination at all organizational and Government levels.

The tasks of the Confindustria Headquarters in Rome include overall co-ordination and links between the various decision-making and representative centers, as well as providing a synthesis of the various interests and guaranteeing the organization’s presence with regard to the Italian Parliament and Government and the Institutions of the European Union.

Confindustria periodically organizes meetings with industrialists from all over Italy in order to help develop strategies, define and plan initiatives, as well as missions abroad.

This is Confindustria, a key player in the Italian economy and one of the largest and well-structured entrepreneurial associations the world over.