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"Made in Italy"

Today Italy enjoys a reputation as a world leader for quality and excellence in products ranging from high technology to sectors reflecting creativity, style and ingenuity.

That same ingenuity inspired the intuitions and experiments of Leonardo da Vinci and has made our cities a target for high quality and demanding tourism, an ongoing search for emotions, for exquisite taste and beauty, through the paintings, sculptures and architecture for which Italy is the world’s custodian.

Besides the exceptional quality of Italian food, wine, wool, fabrics, glassware, jewelry, silk, shoes, furniture, lamps and domestic appliances, and all the products which today make life so enjoyable, Italian industry is world leader in many sectors such as machine tools, biotechnologies, microelectronics, packaging and food processing, biomedical devices, ships, pleasure craft, etc.

Italian companies are leaders in space technologies such as communication satellites. Italian-built helicopters fly over many skies and Italian cars and bicycles enjoy a unique reputation on all markets both for design and quality. The cruise ships built in Italian shipyards are those most in demand by operators and tourists all over the world.

Not everyone knows that many of the bridges, highways and railways used by people in many countries are designed and built by Italian companies. This is also true for power stations, oil and gas plants, steel and aluminum mills. Everyday, throughout the world, thousands of aircraft fly safely, thanks to Italian air traffic control systems.

These products represent a challenge for entrepreneurs to overcome world competition through innovations and increasingly targeted research.

Confindustria member companies represent the cutting edge for Italian exports to the industrialized West and to more distant markets, through their investments and productions abroad and their ability to transfer the know-how and technology of the “Made in Italy” brand the world over.