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Training and skills

Confindustria is actively involved in issues regarding schools, universities and vocational training.

Confindustria believes that schools and universities need to provide young people with a solid basic preparation and at the same time to improve their professional standards through a wide-ranging training program updated by technological innovations.

On the basis of a Memorandum of Understanding, Confindustria and the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research, locally promote experiences of excellence in the field with regard to on-the-job training, orientation, quality in schools, alternation between school and work, apprenticeships and ongoing training.

At the same time, in order to diffuse its ideas, values and attitudes, Confindustria has started up the System School, its task being to identify, manage, motivate and evaluate membership training needs, to stimulate specific facilities for the growth of specialized skills, and to prepare its own managers as well as the entrepreneurs, to be future leaders in the system at local levels in both Italy and Europe.

Special attention is focused on the student world. Since 1996, the “National Day for Youth Orientation” has been held yearly. This is a positive occasion to become familiar with the enterprises, their need for professional skills and ensuing opportunities for entering the job market.