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Development opportunities

Confindustria is particularly concerned with the needs of Small Enterprises, a characteristic element of the European model of development which has achieved an important role in Italy.
The small enterprises (less than 50 employees) represent about 85% of Confindustria members.

Their performance has always sustained the economy and today, through globalization, growth is needed for them to become increasingly competitive and able to expand.

The Young Entrepreneurs of Confindustria have provided a permanent laboratory for relationships between business and society, with proposals, initiatives and research on the new frontiers.

Their objectives are:

  • - to elaborate analyses and proposals on mid-to long-term themes which are decisive for Italian development in Europe
  • - to spread the enterprise culture throughout Italian society

The principles in which they believe are: responsibility, risk, merit and ethics

Mezzogiorno (Southern Italy) presents a great chance today for a re-launch of the country’s economic and social system.

It is an area that plays a growing role as a crossroads between Europe and the Mediterranean, a region that can take on a primary role in attracting domestic and international investments.

The South is rich in qualified human resources. Furthermore, archaeological sites and tourist and cultural routes are widespread in the area.