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About us

Founded in 1910 Confindustria is the lead organization representing the manufacturing, construction, energy, transportation, ITC, tourism and services industries in Italy.

It brings together 150.643 voluntary member companies of all sizes, amounting to 5.439.370 employees. The organization consists in 71 local Associations established in 13 Regional Confindustria locations, 87 Sectorial Associations, 8 National Sector Federations, and 9 Associated Members.

Small, medium-size and large enterprises are the protagonists in this development and growth and together represent an associative system that is seen to be one of Italy’s greatest strengths throughout the world.
In promoting the interests of Italian industry over 90 years, Confindustria has assumed a positive and leading role, becoming a reliable organization with a primary role in Italy’s economic, social and civil development.
Thousands of Italian industrialists, both women and men, have contributed on a voluntary basis to Confindustria’s mission as a whole, in addition to their own local associations, thanks to their experience and ability to interpret the extraordinary vitality of our economic system.

Confindustria has succeeded in converting the entrepreneurial and management qualities characterizing the Italian business model into ideas for the country’s growth. Through its battles for economic and social reform, Confindustria has stimulated the growth and modernization of the market, society and public administration.

Transparency, liberalization, privatization, tax reform, the development of the Mezzogiorno, new policy directions in research and innovation, infrastructure, environment and social security are some of the Confindustria initiatives promoted at various levels with the main political and administrative institutions, including Parliament, the Government, unions, and other social forces, as well as in the political arena and in the sector of industrial relations, aimed at encouraging improved competitiveness for Italian enterprises.